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Number 1 February 2000

Developing Topical Web Resources for Social Scientists

Sami Borg, February 25, 2000

FSD has started a nation-wide project to develop Internet resources for each disciplin in social sciences. National experts from different universities and research institutions will gather together to define the various information needs and appropriate practices to answer them.

FSD's role in the project is a coordinating one. In addition, it can take part in the technical maintenance of the web resources. The project takes place in cooperation with the various virtual library projects. One purpose is to diminish overlapping work of departments in different Finnish universities by establishing and developing functional, subject-specific national websites.

Apart from electronic materials made accessible by FSD, there are great many other electronic documents and information sources that are highly valueable from the social scientific point of view. These sources should be made accessible to research and teaching through the Internet more systematically than at present.

More information:
General information on the project: Arja Tuuliniemi, Sami Borg (FSD)
Political science : Pertti Lappalainen, Juha Holma (University of Tampere)
Sociology: Jari Aro (University of Tampere)

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