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Number 1 February 2000


Acquisition of Data and New Projects

Sami Borg, February 25, 2000

At the beginning of the new millennium the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) has operated for a year. At the moment the unit has at its disposal

  • a supply of approximately one hundred archived survey datasets,
  • web pages to support its basic functions and to allow easy access to its data resources,
  • NESSTAR, an international web-based software tool for identifying and locating social science data, and
  • an international data documentation format (DDI) and the document description standards developed by the unit.

In the year 2000 FSD will concentrate on acquiring research data. Contacts with the scientific community and other data producers will be strengthened in various ways.

The ongoing projects:

  • Launching of national web resource projects for teaching social science methodology and for supporting research.
  • Fostering Finnish participation as data collector in international social surveys (European Social Survey, International Social Survey Programme).
  • Documentation projects for quantitative data materials with major Finnish data producers (e.g. Statistics Finland, departments and researchers at the universities and research institutes).
  • Documentation of qualitative research materials.
  • Participation in the development of a multi-lingual thesaurus.
  • Cooperation with other organisations supporting scientific research (e.g. university libraries).

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