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Number 1 February 2000

In Brief

O Internet Resource to Support Teaching of the Methods of Social Sciences

Together with other Finnish actors in the field of social sciences, FSD is developing a nation-wide net resource to support teaching of the methods of social sciences. It will facilitate especially the use of quantitative methods and research materials in academic teaching.

Through this net resource, FSD's materials will become a natural and integral part of teaching social science methodology in Finland, which in turn promotes their use in research. Cooperation also spreads favourable attitudes towards archiving of materials within the scientific community.

The net resource will also contain material on teaching and using qualitative methods.

More information: Sami Borg

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O FSD at Scientific Meetings

This spring FSD attends several Finnish scientific meetings where we present our materials and the NESSTAR software tool for identifying and locating social science data. FSD's staff will also participate in major international conferences like the IASSIST.

More information: Arja Tuuliniemi

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FSD uses the new international DDI metadata standard for data documentation. This structured standard serves as an interchange format and permits the use of NESSTAR (Networked Social Science Tools and Resources), a new international web-based software tool for identifying and locating data.

NESSTAR might be described as a virtual data library offering global access to locally supported holdings. For the end users the various data collections maintained at separate units across the world will appear as elements in a totally integrated data archive. Moreover, the on-line data browser in NESSTAR includes also basic statistical methods.

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