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Number 1 February 2000

Activating Finnish Researchers to Participate in International Social Surveys (ISSP, ESS)

Sami Borg, February 25, 2000

Many of FSD's foreign partners take part in international comparative projects in empirical social research. International social surveys like Eurobarometers, World Values Survey and International Social Survey Programme are the ones most requested for in data archives.

In the years 1999-2000 FSD has concentrated on improving the accessibility of these significant research materials in Finland. In 1999, the unit informed researchers and participated in organising the funding for the new European project, European Social Survey. If the project proceeds in the planned way, FSD will function as the Finnish partner in the ESS and coordinate the participation of Finnish researchers in the project.

In the year 2000 FSD also takes part in the launching of Finnish participation in the ISSP (International Social Survey Programme). A researcher group will be gathered in the course of the year 2000, after which the aim is to establish and stabilize Finnish participation in the ISSP-programme.

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