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Number 3 November 2000


O Over 20 years of archival insight

The chairman of the advisory council of the FSD, Professor Seppo Pöntinen is well acquainted with the activities of the data archive. He has closely followed the discussion on the establishment of the archive since the 1970's. Read more.

O Depositing datasets? Not at all complicated!

Researcher Pekka Syrjälä from the Department of Sociology at the University of Tampere is one of those important people who make the operation of the data archive possible. He has deposited in the archive datasets from research projects he has participated. - I think it's good that datasets are utilised later, too, because that makes long-term studies possible, emphasizes researcher Syrjälä. Read more.

O User praises services of the archive

One of FSD's clients is Villiina Hellstén who works as a researcher in the Department of Political Science at the University of Helsinki. - A data archive is extremely important for a researcher, says she. Read more.

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