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Number 6 (3/2001)

In Brief

O FSD pays the annual LIS membership fee

The Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) is a cooperative research project with a membership that includes 25 countries on four continents: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. The LIS project began in 1983 and Finland joined it in 1993. The Finnish LIS microdata is provided by Statistics Finland and the supporting agency is Åbo Akademi University. FSD has been responsible for the annual national LIS membership fee since year 2001.

More information: Mari Kleemola

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O European Social Survey (ESS) data collected in Finland

Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society will take part in the European Social Survey (ESS). The Survey is funded by the EU, and was originally initiated by ESF. The Academy of Finland has requested the Department of Social Policy of the University of Turku to co-ordinate the Finnish part of the project, and has appointed Ph.D. Heikki Ervasti a full-time national co-ordinator. The first ESS data will be collected in the autumn of 2002.

More information about the ESS: ESS homepage

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