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Number 8 (2/2002)

Dr. Kimmo Grönlund:

FSD offers means for comparative research

Mari Kleemola

The FSD staff was augmented in April when Dr. Kimmo Grönlund was appointed as Senior Research Fellow. He will primarily conduct research on the possibilities of exploiting the archived data.

Grönlund is excited about the challenge.
- This job enables me to combine my personal areas of expertise as a political scientist. My work has always been oriented towards quantitative research. Furthermore, I consider data archiving to be of great significance - both nationally and internationally.

Kimmo Gronlund

Grönlund says that Finnish researches should familiarise themselves with the various comparative data stored at FSD.
- International surveys, such as World Values Surveys and Eurobarometers provide means for answering important social questions. World Values Surveys are well suited to comparative political studies. Eurobarometers in turn cover a wide range of questions, offering fresh material for those, for example, who study information society or the use of the Internet.

- Via the Archive, Finnish social scientists have access also to the ISSP datasets. The first European Social Survey, scheduled to be gathered in the autumn, will be available sometime next year.

In addition to the international comparative data, FSD's collections include an abundance of Finnish data.
- It is important that also the national data are hereby made available to the research community.

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