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Number 9 (3/2002)

In Brief

O LIS - Luxembourg Income Study

Comparative international income research via the Internet

The twenty years of Luxembourg Income Study, i.e. LIS, will be celebrated in a symposium in Luxembourg next year. At the same time Finns have reason to celebrate their 10-year participation in the project.

When two "lissified" data sets from Slovenia become available, LIS will contain harmonised and standardised household income data from 27 countries. Some countries have data starting from the 1960s, many have data from several different years and all member countries have material from at least two separate years.

The LIS project began in 1983 and Finland began to participate in 1993. The Finnish LIS microdata is provided by Statistics Finland; the supporting agency is Åbo Akademi University. FSD has been responsible for the annual national LIS membership fee since 2001.

More information: Mari Kleemola
Learn more about LIS: http://www.lisproject.org/

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O European Social Survey's (ESS) first round available in 2003

Round One of the new international comparative research programme European Social Survey is in the collection stage. The survey covers over 20 nations and will be available for the research community next summer.

The survey will be conducted with the help of face-to-face interviews. Its themes pertain to politics, political activity, decision-making, national identity, immigration, working life and social networks. The aim is to conduct a new survey every two years.

More information about the survey's background and methods on the ESS web pages: http://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/

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