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Issue 16 (1/2005)

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» Citizen Participation in the Nordic Countries and European Social Survey 2002
» ISSP 2004, ISSP 2003 and ESS 2002/2003

Citizen Participation in the Nordic Countries and European Social Survey 2002

A research report with the title "Finnish Citizens", written by the director of FSD Sami Borg, was published in March. It compared citizens' political and social participation in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and was based on the European Social Survey 2002/2003 data. The report was funded by the Citizen Participation Policy Programme of the Finnish Government.

The report estimated that most citizens in the Nordic countries are satisfied with the way democracy functions in their country. Finnish citizens, however, feel more alienated from political parties, are more critical towards politicians, vote less frequently, and participate less frequently in voluntary activities than other Scandinavians.

ISSP 2004, ISSP 2003 and ESS 2002/2003

The Finnish data of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) 2004 is available at FSD. The survey covers citizen participation in Finland. Other themes pertain to opinions on what makes a good citizen, and views on international co-operation, Finnish public sector and politics. The international data will be available in the spring of 2006.

ISSP 2003 International data allow comparative research on opinions on citizenship, identity, minorities and immigrants in different countries. Over 30 countries participated in the data collection. The first round of European Social Survey (ESS) 2002-2003 also contains questions on attitudes towards immigrants and opinions on citizenship. The harmonised data are freely available from the ESS web pages maintained by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services.