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Issue 18 (3/2005)

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FSD's Publication Series Initiated with a Report on ISSP Results

Lucky to be a Finn?

Helena Laaksonen

Julkaisun kansi A printed report Lucky to be a Finn? National Identity and Citizenship is the first publication in FSD's new publication series. The report analyses Finnish national identity, participation in social and political life, and Finnish views on what makes a good citizen. It is based on the data collected for ISSP surveys in Finland in 2003 and 2004.

The writers of the report are researcher Eriikka Oinonen, and professors Raimo Blom and Harry Melin. They found that national identity continues to be of significance to the Finns, even though occupation seems to be the most important factor when a Finn describes who (s)he is.

Other topics investigated in the report were views on internationalization and globalization, Finnish democracy, EU, and attitudes to immigrants and ethnic minorities.