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Issue 18 (3/2005)

ISSN 1795-5262

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FSD Bulletin is the electronic newsletter of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. The Bulletin provides information and news related to the data archive and social science research.


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ESS EduNet

Sami Borg

The Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) has published an Internet-based analysis-training resource European Social Survey Education Net (ESS EduNet). The aim is to offer a social science laboratory where theoretical questions can be explored using empirical data. The resource is in English and is based on the high quality cross-national ESS survey. ESS was awarded the Descartes Research Price this year.

There are many advantages in using the ESS EduNet. Both data and reference to theories are provided. The ESS data have been adapted for teaching, and variables best suited for the purpose selected. The user can switch between programs and the data are never more than a few mouse clicks away. Working knowledge of statistical packages is not required since the site provides tools for analysing the data online. Weight variables should be used. For a more in-depth analysis, it is also possible to download data files to one's own computer and analyze them using the usual statistical packages.

The ESS EduNet is an excellent learning environment combining informed use and open access to research data.