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Issue 19 (1/2006)

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Hannakaisa Hänninen

Finnish Social Science Data Archive has published its annual report for 2005. The user statistics for the past year show that the archive received 156 access applications and disseminated 482 datasets for secondary use. The figures are approximately the same as in 2004. The majority of access applications were granted for studying, teaching and research purposes.

There has been a steady rise in the number of access applications, disseminated datasets, and deposited datasets processed at FSD. For example, the archive received 92 access applications and distributed 273 datasets for secondary use in the year 2002. That is to say, the figures have almost doubled in three years' time.

Most access applications arrive from Finnish universities. In 2005, the universities of Tampere, Helsinki and Turku ordered for over a half of all disseminated data. Quite a few foreign organisations have also made use of the data archive's services, for example, the University of New Brunswick (Canada), University of Essex (United Kingdom), and the International Labour Office. Ten per cent of all disseminated data was submitted abroad. All of them were translated into English at FSD.

Last year, the most popular individual datasets for re-use were World Values Surveys and European Values Surveys 1999-2001, World Values Survey 2000 and International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) 2002. Especially the Finnish data of those datasets were favoured. The latter two have been on the top ten for a couple of years running.

The number of deposited datasets was 94 in 2005. Over the years the amount of deposited data has fluctuated, and last year was average in this respect. Most datasets were received from TNS Gallup Finland and the University of Tampere.

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