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Issue 24 (2/2008)

ISSN 1795-5262

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FSD Bulletin is the electronic newsletter of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. The Bulletin provides information and news related to the data archive and social science research.


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In Brief

» New Sociology Dissertation Database
» Seminar for Library Professionals
» FSD Participates in Developing EU Research Infrastructures
» Sports and Fitness Services Theme Page

New Sociology Dissertation Database

The FSD has compiled a new database on doctoral dissertations in sociology. The database consists of Finnish sociology dissertations from 1947-2000. Unlike traditional library catalogues, information on data collection methods and research data used in the dissertations are included in this database. In addition, the research questionnaires are available for the dissertations archived at the FSD.

The database is continuously being expanded.

Seminar for Library Professionals

The FSD organised a seminar for library professionals for the fourth time on April 16th. The participants were employees of university libraries and research institutes' information service units. The aim of the seminar was to provide current information on the FSD and its user services. Other topics discussed in the seminar included the provision of metadata, data anonymisation and qualitative data archiving.

FSD Participates in Developing EU Research Infrastructures

Since the beginning of 2008, a pan-European social science research infrastructure has been in the process of development. The goal is to strengthen the European Research Area by developing a system through which all European research data could be accessed.

The FSD participates in those CESSDA PPP work packages that are responsible for coordinating the results of all work packages, developing the data portal, and distributing information. In addition, the FSD leads the work package covering controlled vocabularies for study descriptions, the maintenance and management of the CESSDA multilingual thesaurus and its extension to new languages.

More information:
» Developing European Research Infrastructures
» The Finnish Social Science Data Archive, director Helena Laaksonen

Sports and Fitness Services Theme Page

A new theme page on sports and fitness services presents datasets focusing exclusively on sports and fitness as well as datasets containing variables related to the topic (e.g. surveys charting health, leisure and lifestyle). The majority of the datasets connected to sports and physical activities chart the exercise habits and hobbies of the Finns of different ages. Another significant theme in the surveys is fitness services provided by municipalities and various organisations. Most datasets are quantitative. Eurobarometers containing variables related to sports and exercise can be used to draw cross-country comparisons.

The data archived at the FSD are freely available for research and teaching purposes.