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Issue 26 (1/2009)

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From Statistics to Research Data: Electoral Alliances 1945–2007

Hannele Keckman-Koivuniemi

The FSD has compiled a dataset on electoral alliances in parliamentary elections from 1945 to 2007. Katja Paalanen and Tuomas J. Alaterä collected the information from the Official Statistics of Finland and other official sources. The dataset contains information on the electoral alliances formed between two or more parties, sorted by constituencies.

The advantageousness of the electoral alliances in the data was examined by splitting each alliance in each constituency one by one, and by calculating whether the parties involved in them would have received more, as many or fewer seats in the Parliament if they had remained unallied in the elections. The basic assumption behind the calculations was that each party involved in the alliances would have received an equal number of votes if they had been unallied. If the electoral alliance had been advantageous for at least one of the parties involved and simultaneously disadvantageous for none of them, it was calculated which of the parties involved would have received the seat that was received by the alliance, in case the alliance in question had not existed.

FSD2316 Electoral Alliances in Parliamentary Elections 1945–2007 dataset is available in English as Excel and SPSS files.

Figure 1. The number of electoral alliances in parliamentary elections in 1945–2007

The number of electoral alliances per election year

The collection of this type of database was funded by the national election research consortium led by professor Heikki Paloheimo. The same group consisting of 16 Finnish policy researchers has also conducted national election studies on the 2003 and 2007 parliamentary elections. These election studies, funded by the Academy of Finland, are also available at the Data Archive: FSD1260 Finnish National Election Study 2003 and FSD2269 Finnish National Election Study 2007.


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Paloheimo, Heikki & Sundberg, Jan (2009). Vaaliliitot eduskuntavaaleissa 1945–2007. In: Vaalit yleisödemokratiassa. Eduskuntavaalitutkimus 2007 (ed. Borg, Sami & Paloheimo, Heikki), 206–242. Tampere: Tampere University Press.