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Issue 32 (1/2011)

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"Promoter of Data Archiving" Award to Elina Haavio-Mannila

Helena Laaksonen

The FSD presented Professor Emerita Elina Haavio-Mannila with the award Promoter of Data Archiving in December 2010, citing her exceptionally positive attitude to data archiving and reuse. Her example has been important in promoting a main objective of the archive: to make the Finnish research culture more amenable to open access to research.

Professor Haavio-Mannila has deposited several valuable datasets at the data archive and has kindly helped the archive with their archiving and documentation process, sparing no effort. Through her help, the archive has also been able to archive and disseminate data on Finnish, Estonian and Russian sexuality. One of the most recent depositions is a large qualitative Women and War 1987–1988 data containing over nine hundred Finnish women's experiences and memories of their everyday life during the Winter and Continuation Wars (1939–1944), that is, the WWII.

Professor Haavio-Mannila is the second person presented with the award. The first one was Professor Emeritus Leif Nordberg in 2009. The award in itself is an object of art. Elina Haavio-Mannila says she was delighted to receive the award and hopes to continue the cooperation with the data archive. A wish that the archive very much agrees with!

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