Seminar Sept. 1-2, 2000, Tampere, Finland



Presentation materials

Presentations issued as paper are not available in electronic form. CESSDA archives and participants of the seminar can order them from FSD.

Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)
Peter Joftis, ICPSR DDI ppt
DDI structure ppt
Key Web sites rtf
Examples of using DDI for data documentation
Peter Granda, ICPSR DDI and the data producer ppt
DDI and Experiences in ICPSR ppt
Tools for dissemination
Meinhard Moschner, ZA ILSES ppt
Questions about DDI
Reto Hadorn, SIDOS The XML DDI: Some questions and remarks pdf




WORKSHOP I: DDI related issues
Arja Tuuliniemi,
Arja Kuula, FSD
DDI Element Vocabularies used in the FSD issued as paper
Marion Wittenberg, Steinmetz Archives Current practises and questions with DDI data documentation issued as paper
Meinhard Moschner, ZA Use of DDI-DTD elements at the Zentralarchiv issued as paper
Lene Wul, DDA The use of DDI in the Danish Data Archives issued as paper
Tarmo Tuisk, ESSDA Data documentation in ESSDA issued as paper
Marc Maynard, Roper Center Roper Center Resource Integration and the DDI issued as paper
Margaret Ward, UK DA Use of the DDI DTD in the UK Data Archive issued as paper
Jostein Ryssevik, NSD DDI 1.0 is here, what now ppt




WORKSHOP II: Technical data security
Marko Helenius, University of Tampere Threats Caused by Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Code to Computer Systems an introductory presentation on data viruses issued as paper
Peter Granda, ICPSR Data security practices at ICPSR issued as paper
Mark King, UK DA Technical data security issued as paper
Sirkka Säynäjäkangas, Matti Heinonen, Jouni Sivonen, FSD Technical data security in the FSD issued as paper
Birger Jerkehag, SSD Technical data security in the SSD issued as paper




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