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Number 2 June 2000

Latest Materials

The FSD receives continuously new data both from Finnish researchers and our international co-operation archives.

Eurobarometer 50.0, October- May 1998

Eurobarometer 50.0 studied attitudes towards the Euro-parliament, its work and importance, and towards the euro. In addition, respondents' opinions on radioactive waste, its producers and dangerousness were asked about.

Eurobarometer 51.0, March- April 1999

Along with attitudes towards the European Union, Eurobarometer 51.0 studied questions related to use of different media, domestic violence and ageing.

World Values Surveys, European Values Surveys 1981-1984, 1990-1993 and 1995-1997

The material consists of the following surveys: World Values Survey 1981-1983 and World Values Survey 1981-1984, 1990-1993 and 1995-1997.

The material is based upon questions of the 1995-1997 survey. New variables related to technology, social relationships, and the relationship between children and parents have been added.

ALLBUS 1980-1996

ALLBUS is a survey conducted every two years on attitudes, behaviour and social structure in the Federal Republic of Germany. In each survey, there are one or two main major topics, several single questions, smaller groups of questions about different subjects and an extensive section of background variables. A detailed description of the material. The 1998 ALLBUS data is also available at the FSD.

International Foreign News Study 1995

This news flow survey consists of news stories from 46 countries. Germany, Great Britain, Lebanon, Finland and Japan feature with extensive data . The number of media studied (newspapers, tv and radio news) varies in different countries. For most, the bulk of the material consists of news items in major newspapers. A detailed description of the material.

Finnish Voter Barometer Survey January 1999

Several new datasets have been added to the Voter Barometer Surveys series . The latest of them is from January 1999. In this survey, the attitudes of the Finns towards different parties and their voting intentions in the March 1999 parliamentary elections were under study. A detailed description of the material.

Youth and Parliamentary Elections 1999

The material contains information on the youth's experiences of unemployment and marginalization along with variables pertaining to voting behaviour and political attitudes.

Together with the dataset "Youth and Euro-Parliamentary Elections 1999" a panel study can be built with this dataset. A detailed description of the material.

Youth and Euro-Parliamentary Elections 1999

In the survey, the attitudes of Finnish youth towards the European Union were under observation, along with participation in the June 1999 Euro-Parliamentary elections. The material enables a comparison with the data of "Youth and Parliamentary Elections 1999". A detailed description of the material.A detailed description of the material.

Polling in Finnish Presidential Election 1994, parts 1 and 2

In the surveys, the voters' opinions on polling and its effects in the 1994 presidential elections were canvassed. Both datasets have been classified as free data. This means that by using the NESSTAR database application, one can directly on the net carry out simple statistical analyses based on them. A detailed description of Part 1. A detailed description of part 2.

The FSD can deliver the dataset on a CD-ROM or by using ftp-transfer.


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