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Number 2 June 2000

In Brief

O Ministry of Education to support web resource project

The Ministry of Education has granted funds for web resource projects in political science and sociology. The financing is provided from funds allocated for developing libraries, archives and information services. In order to create the web resource, nation-wide working groups have been set up for both disciplines. In the beginning, full-time project planners can be hired for a period of six months to each discipline.

More information:
General: Arja Tuuliniemi, Sami Borg
Political science: Pertti Lappalainen, Juha Holma
Sociology: Jari Aro

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O Description database for qualitative data

During the last decades, a great number of significant qualitative datasets have been collected in Finland. Up till now there has not existed a methodical way to store or catalogue them. The FSD has started planning a description database for qualitative material and is creating a strategy for their storing. To promote these objectives, the FSD is developing a description standard for qualitative data and is co-operating with Finnish producers of qualitative data and international units in the same field.

More information: Arja Kuula

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O Introducing the FSD to social scientists

During the Spring the FSD attended several scientific meetings and seminars. In addition, we visited departments at different universities telling about the work and services of the archive. In March it was possible to get acquainted with the archive when an open day was arranged. During the visits, one of the aims was to preliminarily canvass whether researchers had data that could eventually be deposited at the data archive; some material has since been deposited and several data are expected later. In the Autumn, scouting for material and presentations of our work and services continue with visits to a few more university departments and research institutes.

More information: Maria Forsman

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O CESSDA Expert Seminar 2000 to be held in Tampere

An expert seminar of the staff of member archives of CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives) is going to be held in Tampere between August 31 and September 2, 2000. The seminar is arranged by the FSD, together with ESSDA, the Estonian Social Science Data Archive. The main themes at the seminar are data security, and DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) and its utilisation.

More information: Sami Borg (FSD) and Rein Murakas (ESSDA)

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O Printed data catalogue in the Autumn

The first printed version of FSD's data catalogue will be published in the Autumn. FSDneWWWs 3/2000 will be out in the Autumn both in print and on the web.

More information: Maria Forsman

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