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Number 2 June 2000

Co-operation with research libraries

Contact persons at libraries met at the FSD

By Maria Forsman June 15, 2000

The FSD has created a network of contact persons at research libraries. At present, the network consists of librarians and information officers from 21 research libraries. The purpose is to reach through libraries students and researchers using data in the social sciences.

In April, the FSD invited the contact persons to discuss forms of co-operation between the libraries and the FSD. Representatives of the FSD told about the tasks and functions of the archive and there was a presentation of the database application tool NESSTAR and data description format DDI. In conclusion, there was a discussion over concrete forms of co-operation.

One of the themes was how to inform students and researchers about the work of the data archive and its services in connection of the user education programs at the libraries.

Another theme to emerge was the significance of a library as an information source on the work of the data archive on a more general level, too.

The meeting with contact persons at various libraries was important in view of communication and establishing contacts . Meetings will be arranged in the future, too, perhaps once a year to begin with, more seldom later when the activities of the data archive have been fully established. Disseminating information locally on the work of the data archive to students and researchers - in one's own research library - is many times the most natural choice.

Contacts have been made with librarians during the several visits to university departments and faculties made by the data archive staff in different parts of Finland in the Spring 2000.

The idea behind creating a network is that libraries are places to which researchers and students easily make their way. Often, the libraries are well versed in the research orientations of their own faculty or university. A librarian can for his/her part have an influence on research by telling about material already at the data archive and how it could be utilised.

Early this year we asked approximately forty scientific libraries about their interest in joining the FSD's library contact person network. Up till now, the following libraries have joined: Library of Parliament, Helsinki School of Economics Library, Helsinki University Library, Theology Library at the University of Helsinki, Social Science Library at the University of Helsinki, Joensuu University Library, Jyväskylä University Library, National Public Health Institute, Kuopio University Library, Lapland University Library, Oulu University Library, Library of the Finnish Literature Society, Tampere University Library, Central Library for Theatre and Dance, National Library of Health Sciences, Library of Statistics, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration Library, Law Library at the University of Turku, Social Sciences Library at the University of Turku, Vaasa University Library, and Library of Österbottens högskola.

Contact persons at research libraries met at the FSD

at the (almost) round table

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