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Number 1/2001

Latest Materials

FSD1029 Finnish Voter Barometer August-September 1992
FSD1033 Finnish Voter Barometer March 1992

In the surveys, the attitudes of the Finns towards the different political parties is studied. Data descriptions: 1029 | 1033

FSD1090 Power Structures of the Finnish Society 1991

In this power structure study, the power elite of the Finnish society is under observation. The respondents in the study came from the following sectors of society: politics, administration, business life, organisations, mass media, science and culture. The study focuses on institutional positions of leadership , roles, in the various sectors, not on the persons in these positions as such. Data description.

FSD1091 Corporate Executives and Society 1997

Themes in the survey were internationalisation and the solutions by which Finland links itself to the international community, keys to Finland's success in a newly opened competition, the functioning of the Finnish model of market economy, the purpose and values of enterprises, pressures of change in work life and the labour market and differences of opinion between corporate executives and the population at large on various topics. Data description.

FSD1096 Follow-up on Municipal and Europarliamentary Elections 1996

In the survey, the respondents' voting behaviour in the 1996 municipal and europarliamentary elections was studied. Data description.

EVA Attitudes Surveys Series

The two survey series on Finnish attitudes produced by of The Centre for Finnish Business and Policy Studies (EVA) have been deposited in the FSD. In the national attitudes surveys the Finns' social attitudes and values and their perceptions of the present and the future have been studied. The Finnish EU Attitudes Survey Series focuses on the changes in the thoughts of Finns on integration. Series descriptions.


FSD0089 Eurobarometer 52.0 : European Parliament elections, the single European currency and financial services, October-November 1999

FSD0090 Eurobarometer 52.1 : Modern biotechnology, quality of life, and consumers' access to justice, November-December 1999

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