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Number 2/2001

In Brief

O Continued funding for the social sciences web resource

The Ministry of Education has granted continued funding for the national social science web resource project for the year 2001. The project was launched in the year 2000 with the support of the Ministry of Education. The funds were allotted from appropriations for an information society project meant particularly for developing information services of scientific libraries, archives and research. The web resource for social sciences has been compiled in the FSD since Autumn 2000. In the beginning, the aim was to canvass the most important sources of information on the web relevant for sociological research but later on, the contents have expanded to cover also other social sciences. Lic. Pol. Sc. Jukka Partanen has been in charge of compiling the web resource. More about the project in FSDnewws 1/2001.

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O Multilingual thesaurus on its way

During the Spring 2001, a multilingual thesaurus ELLST (European Language Social Science Thesaurus) has been developed in connection of a joint project of European data archives, LIMBER (Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources). It has been commented upon at the FSD and compared with YSA, the Finnish controlled vocabulary. The purpose of a multilingual thesaurus is to make information retrieval in international databases easier than now.

There are many problems to be solved in the multilingual thesaurus. Social and cultural differences between various countries have an impact on forming of language and vocabularies. Susanna Keränen, who has acted as a project officer in the FSD's controlled vocabulary project has moved on to research connected with thesaurus problematics. She has started at the Department of Information Studies at the Åbo Akademi University a research project funded by the Academy of Finland called "Cultural and linguistic differences in digital storage and retrieval of information". In it, she analyses, among other things, databases of data archives and vocabularies used in describing contents. More information: Maria Forsman.

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O Prof. Pöntinen to continue as Chairman of the FSD's Advisory Board

In a meeting held on June 8, 2001, the Board of the University of Tampere appointed a new national Advisory Board for the FSD. Professor Seppo Pöntinen from the University of Turku continues as the Chairman of the Board. The function of the Advisory Board is to participate in the strategic planning of the FSD, propose motions on archiving of social science data and promote co-operation between the data archive and its users. The term of the Advisory Board is three years, and the members are chosen so that various fields of social sciences are represented. In the term 1.8.2001-31.7.2004 the Advisory Board has the following members:

Member Deputy member  
Prof. Seppo Pöntinen (chairman) Prof. Katja Forssén University of Turku
Chief Librarian Mirja Iivonen Research Fellow Kai Halttunen Tampere University Library
Prof. Riitta Hjerppe Prof. Tapani Valkonen University of Helsinki
Prof. Marja Järvelä Prof. Pekka Korhonen University of Jyväskylä
Prof. Juha Hämäläinen Prof. Vuokko Niiranen University of Kuopio
Prof. Terttu Kortelainen Lecturer Vesa Suominen University of Oulu
Prof. Ari Salminen Prof. Pirkko Vartiainen University of Vaasa
Prof. Mariam Ginman Dr.Pol.Sc. Kimmo Grönlund Åbo Akademi University
Senior Adviser
Maija-Liisa Toikka
Senior Adviser
Jarmo Laine
Academy of Finland
Head of Unit
Markku Mäenpää
Profect Chief
Maija-Liisa Tuomi
National Archives
Research Prof.
Salme Ahlström
Research Director
Marko Elovainio
Senior Adviser
Sirkka-Liisa Hörkkö
Senior Adviser
Markku Suvanen
Ministry of Education
Head of Research
Eero Tanskanen
Chief Administrative Officer
Anna-Leena Reinikainen
Statistics Finland
Kimmo Kangas Jani-Petri Laamanen The Student Union
Director Sami Borg   FSD

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O Theme of the Autumn Issue: Research ethics and legislation

Our next bulletin will be published in November as a special printed edition (in Finnish). The theme will be ethics of social science research, especially matters related with collecting, storing and preserving research data, and laws regulating them.

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