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Number 6 (3/2001)


O Scientific Research Subject to Legislation

Researchers working in social sciences and the humanities are often faced with collecting and handling personal data. In Finland, their actions are regulated by both research ethics and legislation. Read more.

O Research Methods Web Resource in Testing

Research methods web resource (MOTV in Finnish) is a new kind of environment for teaching and learning quantitative research methods of the social and behavioural sciences. FSD is in charge of planning, maintaining and developing the project. Read more.

O FSD Promoted in Finnish University Libraries

FSD has created a network of research library contact persons. The aim is to use libraries as a means to reach researchers and students who work with social science materials. Read more.

O How and Where to Find Information on Datasets Archived at FSD?

You can use a variety of means to locate research data stored at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD). Read more.

O New Material Series to FSD Database

Researchers and various research organisations are constantly delivering new materials to FSD. Most of them belong to different series. Read more.

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