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Number 6 (3/2001)

New Material Series to FSD Database

Mari Kleemola

Researchers and various research organisations are constantly delivering new materials to FSD. Most of them belong to different series. The following series, for instance, are currently being archived:


Sociobarometers 1994-2001 are compiled by the Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health. Various service providers (local social services, health care centres, employment offices, Social Insurance Institution authorities, and a number of social and health care organisations) evaluate the state of the services and changes in citizens' welfare.

Family Barometers

The annual family barometers are launched by the Population Research Institute, a subdivision of the Finnish Family Federation. Annually changing themes revolve round child-rearing, parenting and family life. FSD's database contains family barometers from 1996 to 2000.

Gallup Ecclesiastica

In 1995 and 1999, the Research Institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland studied ecclesiastical participation and religious beliefs of the Finnish citizens. In addition, the Institute has collected a number of other materials, several of which are archived at FSD.

The Planning Commission for Defence Information surveys

Annual surveys of the Finnish Planning Commission for Defence Information focus on security policy, foreign policy, and national defence. They examine citizens' opinions and attitudes on these matters, as well as the factors influencing attitude formation.

Finnish Local Government Barometers

The Foundation for Municipal Development collects information on local democracy, government, duties, economy, and service provision. Target groups include local inhabitants, municipal managers and the chairpersons of local governments. Material enables the comparison between the opinions of the 'laymen' on the one hand, and the managers and chairpersons on the other. FSD's collections include surveys from 1992 to 2000.

Finnish Local Government 2004 Research Programme

This research programme is a joint effort of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (AFLRA), Finnish universities and research centres. The development in municipalities in 1995-2004 is systematically and comparably analysed. The programme comprises 47 Finnish municipalities, and the results can be generalised to cover all municipalities. The research programme is divided to 14 research modules. The data of most modules is collected by means of mail inquiries. The executive group of the Finnish Local Government programme has decided to deposit the results of the first wave in the FSD database.

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All the material descriptions are translated into English and published on the Internet. The material descriptions currently available in English can be reviewed at https://www.fsd.tuni.fi/en/data/. Due to the translation process, there is an unfortunate delay between the publication of Finnish and English material. Most of the archived data is in Finnish, but if necessary, English translations are provided. For further information, please contact the FSD staff.

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