The Finnish Social Science Data Archive archives and disseminates quantitative and qualitative research data in digital format.

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FSD's online data service Aila facilitates access to data. Registered users can download data online, according to the conditions set for each dataset.

Study descriptions can be browsed and sorted by title, topic, keyword or series. Browsing our data catalogue is possible even without registration.

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Data Service Portal Aila

Aila provides access to data archived at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive, free of charge.

There are more than 1,500 datasets on Aila and approximately 1,300 of them are quantitative. There are currently about 2,700 registered Aila users and they include users from all Finnish universities and polytechnics as well as some institutions abroad. Roughly ten percent of all Aila users are from outside Finland.

Conditions of use apply to most datasets on Aila and downloading them requires registration. There are some 90 datasets on Aila that are freely available to all users without registration. Quantitative datasets are translated into English on request.

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Data by Theme

The data by theme pages contain information on data series and datasets on a variety of themes, such as environment and energy, crime, equality and impartiality, Finnish elections, and health.

The listed datasets mainly comprise survey data charting attitudes and opinions.

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International Data

A great deal of international comparative datasets and individual datasets collected from different countries in various research programmes are available on their respective websites. This list contains links to the websites of some notable surveys, research programmes and data centres.