The Data Archive is led by the Director, assisted by FSD's Management Team (Deputy Director, Module Managers and PA to the Director).

FSD's Management Team

FSD Advisory Board

The mission of the FSD Advisory Board is to evaluate the operations of the unit and its future development, submit motions and proposals related to the development of the unit, and to consolidate the collaborative network of the unit and enhance awareness of data repository work. The President of Tampere University appoints the members.

FSD Advisory Board
Term November 15, 2019 - December 31, 2023

Member Deputy Member
University of Tampere
Vice President
Tapio Visakorpi
University Lecturer
Noora Ellonen
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Development Manager
Marjut Vuorinen (Vice Chair)
Research Professor
Pasi Moisio
Research Council of Finland
Senior Adviser
Timo Kolu
Senior Science Adviser
Aki Salo
National Archives of Finland
Development Manager
Tomi Ahoranta
Senior Research Officer
Maria Kallio
Statistics Finland
Head of Development
Marianne Johnson
Senior Statistician
Markku Nieminen
CSC – IT Center for Science
Hanna-Mari Puuska
Development Manager
Kimmo Koivunen
National Library of Finland
Director of Services
Johanna Lilja
Deputy Library Director
Liisa Savolainen
University of Helsinki
Vice Dean
Hanna Wass
University Lecturer
Maria Valaste
University of Eastern Finland
University Lecturer
Antti-Jussi Kouvo
Research Director
Petri Kahila
University of Jyväskylä
Project Manager
Juuso Marttila
University Lecturer
Timo Anttila
University of Turku
University Lecturer
Milla Salin
University Teacher
Rauli Mickelsson
Åbo Akademi University
Kimmo Grönlund
Director of Research
Lauri Rapeli
Tampere University Library
Manager, Open Science Services
Susanna Nykyri
Senior Specialist
Katja Fält
Student Union of Tampere University
Mirva Pekkola
Aatu Korhonen
Helena Laaksonen