Material Bank

FSD promotional materials are available digitally and in print.

This page contains links to a variety of digital promotional materials of FSD suitable for web and print use.

If you wish to order a printed copy of the annual FSD Bulletin (in Finnish) or other print products, contact fsd ( at )

Terms of use

The files in the Material Bank may, without modification, be freely used for promotion of FSD activities, press use and non-monetised publications. The original source must be attributed. Use in monetised publications is subject to mutual agreement. Flyers may be printed out and distributed for information purposes. FSD reserves the copyright to all material in the Material Bank.

FSD’s official full name is "Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tietoarkisto" in Finnish, "Samhällsvetenskapliga dataarkiv" in Swedish, and "Finnish Social Science Data Archive" in English. The abbreviation is “FSD”.

The FSD logo and logotype are available for download in a variety of file formats for web and print use.

The aspect ratio and colour of the logo may not be altered. The logo is primarily to be used in colour, and the logo shall be presented in its full form. In web and print use, the logo must be presented in such a size that the text is easily readable; the generally suggested minimum height of the logo is 10 mm in print and 50 pixels in web use. Using the logo or any part thereof, including the logomark and the logotype, for commercial purposes without a mutual agreement between FSD and the user is forbidden. All rights to the FSD logo belong to the Finnish Social Science Data Archive, and the Data Archive also reserves all right to forbid the use of the logo and to otherwise affect these conditions for use of the FSD logo without prior notice.

Further instructions for the use of the FSD logo are defined in FSD’s graphic guidelines, which are available through our Communications personnel.

Save the file you want from the links below. Use vector file formats to scale the logo into your desired size or ask FSD for a file of the correct size. If none of these files are suitable for your needs or you need higher-quality files for print purposes, contact our Communications personnel: fsd ( at )