Presentations of services and training

Service presentations for students or researchers

We offer presentations on research data reuse, data management, digital long-term preservation and our other basic services. Contact us and arrange a presentation for your research methods course, researcher workshop, or conference/webinar! We tailor the content of the presentation according to your needs.

Small groups (up to 20 people) are welcome to visit our premises in Tampere. If you would like to arrange such a visit, please contact user services.

You are welcome to use our leaflets and flyers and distribute them to attendees at events where our services are presented.

The Data Management Guidelines is an openly available resource focused on data management and research data reuse, written by FSD's data service experts.

Training and courses

We organise various open seminars or webinars, which deal with e.g. research data management, data protection and data security, processing of personal data, anonymisation, data curation practices, data archiving and reuse. Some of the events are held in English or arranged in collaboration with our CESSDA partners.
Learn more about our events in English.

We also provide information on selected training offered by our partners. Examples are the annual ICPSR Summer Program and training offered by CESSDA or our European project partners. Follow our Twitter (Opens in a new tab) to stay up to date on these training possibilities.