FSD Publication Series

FSD's publication series includes analyses of data and guides to data archiving and documentation.

All publications in this series are available as PDF-documents, or alternatively printed versions can be purchased online at Juvenes Book Store (Opens in a new tab) . The majority of the publications are currently only available in Finnish.

Conference Presentations

Links to presentations given at events organised by FSD are published on the event pages. A selection of presentations by the FSD staff given at other events are available on Zenodo.


FSD develops software for its own needs, for use in the CESSDA archives, and in general for use in processing or presenting research data and metadata. The source code, descriptions, and license information for the software are available on TUNI GitLab or GitHub.

Open Source Software

Research Methods Web Resource

Research Methods Web Resource (MOTV) is a web resource developed and maintained by FSD.

Publications for the Research Methods Web Resource (MOTV)