Open source software by FSD

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Kuha2 is a metadata server that provides descriptive social science research metadata for harvesting via multiple protocols and a growing variety of metadata standards. The software is a collection of applications and consists of three server applications, a client application and a database.


Kuha is a lightweight OAI-PMH Data Provider implementation. It provides a good starting point for developing your own OAI-PMH server.

Kvalikirstu 2

Kvalikirstu 2 is a tool for processing qualitative datasets with hundreds of files. The data produced by Kvalikirstu 2 align with current requirements for long-term preservation. The features of Kvalikirstu 2 include a graphical user interface for processing and ODT file support. With Kvalikirstu, many of the phases of data processing, such as categorising background information and converting files, can be streamlined.