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Number 13 (1/2004)

In Brief

OEuropean Social Survey : Finnish Data

The Finnish data collected in the first round of the European Social Surveys is available. Data collection was carried out in the autumn of 2002, with interviewers of Statistics Finland conducting the face-to-face interviews. The sample is representative of people living in Finland aged 15 or over. Topics covered included, among others, media use, politics, immigration and citizen participation.

Both the Finnish data file and the integrated, international data file can be browsed and downloaded freely from the ESS web site. At the moment, the integrated data file includes data from nearly all participating countries, only two countries are missing.

OSocial Science Data on the Web

In October 2003, FSD held a one-day seminar covering the accessibility and use of social science data. Thirty information professionals from different research libraries participated.

One speaker, Timo Turja from the Library of Parliament, discussed the use of social science data in political decision-making. He used appropriate examples to illustrate how decision-makers make use both of research data and common knowledge, depending on the situation.

Maria Forsman from FSD contemplated the way social scientists use web-based information. Arja Juntunen, from the Kuopio University Library, presented the university's learning centre and discussed the use of virtual libraries from an information professional's point of view.

FSD staff presented new data releases and the Research Methods Web Resource (MOTV). Marja Oksa-Pallasvuo and Taina Jääskeläinen discussed the process of translating the multilingual thesaurus ELSST into Finnish.

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