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viimeksi päivitetty 2017-09-08

Research Methods Web Resource

Research methods web resource (MOTV in Finnish) is an environment for teaching and learning quantitative and qualitative research methods of the social and behavioural sciences. FSD is in charge of planning, maintaining and developing the project.

MOTV is an open learning environment and accessible to all. It is based on hypertext design. Although it is primarily designed for social science disciplines, one of the dominant criteria when creating the exercises has been their versatility. MOTV is easy to use, and does not require former knowledge of methods.

The resource is of use to diverse target groups: Firstly, there are the students who either participate in methodology courses, or who need practice in quantitative and qualitative methods for research or professional purposes. Teachers form another user group: the texts and exercises can be used as additional material on method courses. Thirdly, researchers whose own work has not equipped them with enough knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods may find the resource useful.

MOTV is published in Finnish, providing Finnish students an opportunity to study quantitative and qualitative methods in their own language.

QuantiMOTV and QualiMOTV

QuantiMOTV is a web resource for quantitative methods. It includes a method section in hypertext format, an integrated SPSS learning environment, exercises and freely downloadable datasets for rehearsing. QuantiMOTV has been operating since 2001.

QualiMOTV is a web resource for qualitative methods. It includes theory, exemplar datasets and analysis examples, and can offer ideas on how to teach qualitative methods. MOTV expanded to qualitative methods in 2006.

MOTV offers indisputable advantages

A web-based learning environment offers new means for teaching and learning research methods. It compliments the existing supply of method courses and books.

MOTV can be constantly expanded and updated. It is easily accessible and therefore ideal also for self-studying - as long as the student has an access to a computer and the Internet, preferably also to a suitable statistical software. From the self-studier's point of view, MOTV's versatility is its greatest asset: methodology texts, SPSS guidance and exercises are all included. The exercises are based on extensive, genuine research materials stored at FSD.

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