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Issue 14 (2/2004)

ISSN 1795-5262

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FSD Bulletin is the electronic newsletter of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. The Bulletin provides information and news related to the data archive and social science research.


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New Design for FSD Web Site and Online Bulletin

Helena Laaksonen 21.9.2004

Online services constitute a significant part of FSD's service architecture. Functional and updated Web site is our most important means of information dissemination. Through the Web pages, users both in Finland and abroad can access our services regardless of time and place. In order to make information on archival data and activities easier to find, FSD has celebrated its 5th anniversary by redesigning its Web site.

Layout, graphics design and site structure have been changed. By creating a new layout we wanted to improve readability. The new site structure, on the other hand, makes navigation more efficient and allows rapid access to information. The most important services are now highly visible on the home page. Data catalogues have also been improved. In addition to a full description of a dataset, also a less detailed description page is offered, containing only the abstract, which enables readers to decide quickly whether this particular dataset is of interest to them.

New search features have been added. Searches can be limited to specific subsections of the Web site. It is also possible to search for certain types of documents only, for example, PDF or HTML documents.

Web site structure was designed by FSD. Graphics and layout for the site and the bulletin were designed by the Learning Technology Center of the Hypermedia Laboratory at Tampere University.

With this new bulletin we say our goodbyes to FSDneWWWs. Our electronic news magazine is now called FSD Bulletin. It will still contain news from data archives and social sciences. The next edition will concentrate on international co-operation.