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Issue 19 (1/2006)

ISSN 1795-5262

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FSD Bulletin is the electronic newsletter of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. The Bulletin provides information and news related to the the data archive and social science research.


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User Statistics of European Social Survey

Finns Use the ESS Frequently

Helena Laaksonen

The European Social Survey (ESS) has been available on the website of the Norwegian Social Science Data Service (NSD) since the autumn of 2003. In January 2006, the ESS data had almost 7,800 registered users. In total, over 4,000 users had downloaded data in approximately 70 countries. Finns ranked 14th among users who had downloaded data.

Data are collected every two years. Replicated questions pertain to, for example, the media, trust, political opinions, well-being, discrimination, religion, and social and personal networks. There are also a few rotating modules. Edition 2.0 of the second round data has been available since March 8, 2006.

Statistics Finland is responsible for producing data in English from surveys conducted in Finland which are then submitted to NSD. FSD archives the Finnish data according to its practices and distributes them to re-users. Director of FSD Sami Borg is a member of the national coordinating team. Finnish data can be ordered for teaching and research purposes under material use conditions set by FSD.

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