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IASSIST/IFDO 2009: Tampere, Finland May 26th-May 29th, 2009

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Relevant locations for the IASSIST 2009 conference on Google Maps

Other maps of Tampere Region

Tampere City Centre Hotel Map

Aerial map of Tampere (only in Finnish)

Interactive Map of Tampere Region

Maps of Conference Rooms and Other Meeting Facilities

Map of Tampere Hall meeting rooms and other facilities.


Getting to City Hall (Reception)

Old City Hall (Raatihuone in Finnish) is about 15 minute walk away from Tampere Hall and nearby hotels. Buses 13, 22 and 16 take you there too. Tampere Journey Planner helps you to plan your bus trip! The City Hall is situated at the Central Square, opposite the City Theatre and the Old Church. It is also close to the first McDonalds in Finland! Remember to take your invitation card with you.

Getting to Vapriikki (Banquet)

Buses to Vapriikki leave from conferece hotels Villa, Holiday Inn and Victoria at 6:00pm sharp and collect attendees from all conference hotels. Check the schedule at registration. Note that Vapriikki is perfectly within reach on foot too, weather permitting! Feel free to explore Tampere before the banquet, just be sure that you make it to Vapriikki by 6:15pm!

After the banquet, the first bus back to hotels leaves at 10:30pm and the last at 11:00pm. Two buses make an extra stop at Vuolteenkatu, curiously close to the Turkey Action Group location...