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IASSIST/IFDO 2009: Tampere, Finland May 26th-May 29th, 2009

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latest update 2009-02-19

Registration for current members not renewing at this time

If you do not choose to renew your membership for 2009-2010 at this time, please follow these registration instructions:

On the registration form in Participant Status field choose:

  • Member

In Membership Information field choose:

  • I do not wish to join at this time

In Additional Information field choose:

  • Other, please specify and type in: "2008/09 member" (optional, but recommended)

Apply changes and continue.

When you get to the Fees page, make sure that you leave "IASSIST Membership Fee" field empty, so that you are not charged for this.

» Screen capture may help to clarify these instructions.