Hannele Keckman-Koivuniemi

Find Data on Data Service Portal Aila

Users of archived data have been able to download data online via our Data Service Portal Aila since May 2014. By the beginning of October, more than 300 users had registered with the service and the number of downloaded datasets was over 400.

During the summer, data were mainly downloaded for research purposes. FSD User Services expects the number of downloads to rise when research, teaching and studies activities in universities and universities of applied sciences get in full swing after summer holidays.

The Aila Service replaces the old data delivery system that was based on paper forms. On Aila, users can browse and search quantitative and qualitative research data archived at the FSD. Data can be downloaded online according to terms and conditions of each dataset, free of charge. The user interface is available both in Finnish and English.

Datasets for different purposes

Datasets archived at the FSD have different conditions of use, determined by the creators of data. Some datasets are available for teaching, study and research, some only for research. Datasets can be downloaded once the user has registered with the service and has declared his or her data use purpose.

By research we refer to work in which answers to research questions are sought through systematic analysis of data and the application of research methods of the field, and which is carried out in universities, research institutes or other equivalent organisations. Teaching in this context refers to courses in a university, university of applied sciences or equivalent organisation. Study refers to studies under the supervision of a teacher, lecturer etc. in a university, university of applied sciences or equivalent organisation.

Some datasets can be accessed only with a special permission from the creators of the data. There are also datasets that are openly available for download even without registration.

Users downloading data from Aila also agree to follow the general terms and conditions for archived data use, as well as the terms and conditions specified for the use of the Aila Data Service itself.

Benefits for both users and the archive

The staff and students of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences can register and log in as Aila users by using the username issued by their institution. Other users apply for a username from FSD User Services.

To a user, the data service offers a quick and easy way of finding and accessing data. For the archive, the introduction of online services enabled transferring resources for more demanding customer and information service tasks.

Seeking data?

Aila is the fastest way of browsing, searching and downloading data archived at the FSD. There are three search options on Aila: data, variable and expert search. You can also browse our datasets by data ID, title, type or date published. Our user services will be happy to help with finding the right data for you.

A look into the future

The Data Service Portal Aila was the main goal of the FSD Upgrade (Tietoarkisto 2015) Project, funded by the Academy of Finland. The service is constantly growing and developing. In the near future, we will add new search features and instructions. We would be pleased to receive feedback on Aila and suggestions for developing the service.

Are you curious about the name Aila? It could be an abbreviation, but it is, in fact, a proper noun. The name was selected by the staff of the FSD by voting from among several name suggestions.

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