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» ISSP 2013: National Identity
» ISSP Meeting in Tampere
» Nordic Funding for Promoting Research Use of Health Data
» Nominations at the FSD
» Steering Group for the National Digital Library Project for 2014-2016
» FSD now also on Twitter

ISSP 2013: National Identity Charted in Finland for the Second Time

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) data on national identity and international interaction in Finland is available in Finnish on our data service portal Aila for study, teaching and research purposes. Data collection on Finland ended in December 2013. The international data will probably be available in about a year's time at the ZACAT data portal of the German data archive, GESIS.

Data on national identity was last collected in 2003. Corresponding international and Finnish datasets are available for download at the ZACAT portal. Data on national identity were also collected in 1995, before Finland’s ISSP membership.

More information
» ISSP website
» ZA3910: International Social Survey Programme: National Identity II - ISSP 2003
» ZA2880 International Social Survey Programme: National Identity I - ISSP 1995

ISSP Meeting in Tampere

The researchers of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) held their annual meeting in Tampere in May. The Finnish Social Science Data Archive and the University of Tampere hosted the event. The annual meeting is a private event and can only be attended by the official ISSP representatives of each country. This year, 70 representatives from all over the world arrived in Tampere. Finland was represented by professor Harri Melin and emeritus professor Raimo Blom from the University of Tampere.

One of the most important tasks of annual meetings is to decide on the content of the source, master questionnaire. Other topics include methodological issues and comparative research conducted using ISSP data. Additionally, decisions are made on accepting new countries into the programme.

More information
» ISSP 2014 Annual Meeting page
» Mahar Mangahas: Surveyors Meet in Finland, a column by a meeting attendee from the Philippines
» ISSP website

Nordic Funding for Promoting Research Use of Health Data

NordForsk has granted Nordic data archives a funding of 490,000 Norwegian kroner (over 60,000 euros) for the years 2014-2016. The goal of the project is to promote the visibility of Nordic health research data in Europe. In the project, the data archives develop common practices relating to describing and disseminating health data. The archives will also create a health data portal aimed at researchers. The project is led by the Norwegian Data Social Science Data Services, NSD.

NordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers supporting and providing funding for Nordic research cooperation.

More information
» NordForsk's announcement on the funding decision

Nominations at the FSD

The Rector has nominated two new permanent employees for the FSD, beginning from May 2014. Information Architect Katja Moilanen focuses on creating and maintaining the archive data model as well as modeling and developing various archiving processes. Information Services Specialist Jarkko Päivärinta specialises in the archiving process of qualitative data and related information services.

More information
» FSD staff

Steering Group Appointed for the National Digital Library Project for 2014-2016

The Ministry of Education and Culture has appointed the steering group for the National Digital Library (KDK) project for the new term. The steering group is responsible, among others, for the development decisions relating to project services. It also promotes the compatibility of core information systems and architecture between libraries, archives and museums. The FSD's representative in the steering group is Information Services Manager Mari Kleemola. Other experts from the FSD will also participate in the working groups under the National Digital Library project.

More information
» National Digital Library website

FSD now also on Twitter

The FSD can now be found on Twitter, tweeting in Finnish and occasionally in English: @tietoarkisto.