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» Suomi24 Discussions Released for Research
» SND to Renew Its Search Interface

Suomi24 Discussions Released for Research

Suomi24 is Finland’s largest community media. As part of the Citizen Mindscapes project, a semi-finalist in the Helsinki Challenge ideas competition, the content of Suomi24 is now freely available for research use. The online discussions by millions of Finns are stored in the Language Bank of Finland and offer a mass of data for studying virtually anything, from topics of national interest to human interaction patterns, political phenomena, and trends of any kind.

In addition to expertise in social sciences research, any in-depth analysis of the material requires programming skills, which is why Krista Lagus, a team leader with Citizen Mindspaces, believes that the data would best be approached in cooperation with other experts.

SND to Renew Its Search Interface

The Swedish National Data Service (SND) has released a new search interface which allows for much more detailed searching.

A search can be narrowed down using a number of criteria: it can include all freely accessible data or can be restricted to cover only, say, longitudinal surveys or specific data series such as Eurobarometers. In addition to survey-level information, the interface is also able to find individual variables or question texts.

Search result listing has been improved by adding to each result a few sentences showing the search word in, for example, an abstract or a question.

In early November the SND also got a new director, Professor Max Petzold.

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