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» Finna Provides Access to a Vast Collection of Content
» Finnish Literature Society Archives Change Names
» FSD Discontinues Nesstar Search
» University of Oulu Published Its Research Data Policy

Finna Provides Access to a Vast Collection of Content

Finna service brings together material from Finnish museums, libraries and archives. The service has now published an open application programming interface at Through the API, anyone can access the metadata for almost nine million entries in the service. At the same time, Finna is launching a new search function with more than 200,000 open-licence images from the Finnish cultural heritage. This represents the largest amount of Finnish cultural data ever made openly available at one time.

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Finnish Literature Society Archives Change Names

The main aim of the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) is to promote, research and preserve the Finnish language, oral tradition and literature. The former Literature Archives of the society has become Archive on Literature and Cultural History, while Folklore Archives are now Archive on Traditional and Contemporary Culture. There have been some streamlining in the organizational side as well. Together, these two archives form the biggest private archive in Finland.

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FSD Discontinues Nesstar Search

The FSD has for a long time given users the opportunity to find archived data using the Nesstar search interface. The interface allowed people to restrict their searches to certain fields, for instance, to title, keywords, question texts or variables. User numbers have not been very high, and the data archive decided to discontinue the Nesstar interface starting from mid-March this year.

The popular online Aila Data Service, launched in 2015, already provides the possibility to target searches to study descriptions, question texts or variables. A more advanced search with several filters and targeted search opportunities will be made available later this year.

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University of Oulu Published Its Research Data Policy

The University of Oulu published its Research Data Policy in February. According to the policy, the university strives to meet national and international requirements relating to science and research, while taking into account privacy and innovation protection. The policy states that open access to research data promotes high quality research and innovation, and supports good scientific practices.

The need for good data management is emphasized. In its 'Open research data and their management' pages the university library mentions the FSD as a data repository and links to the Aila Data Service.

» University of Oulu

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