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» FSD’s web page to be renewed
» FSD's Data by Theme pages updated
» Ron Dekker started as the director of CESSDA in March
» UK Data Service published a theme page about economics
» LIS membership fee shared by Kela and University of Turku in 2017

FSD’s web page to be renewed

The FSD is going through a web page reform, during which the interface, structure, and even some of the content will be renewed. The plan is to open the renewed page for customers in September 2017.

All communication activities of the FSD will be renewed along with the web page. This is the last electronic FSD Bulletin to be published in the current format.

Instead of the bulletin, appearing a few times a year, the FSD’s web page will, in the future, feature single articles, news, and columns focusing, for example, on individual datasets or aspects of open science and data archiving.

More information:

IT Services Specialist Tuomas J. Alaterä

FSD's Data by Theme pages updated

The Data by Theme pages of the FSD have been renewed. The page presents datasets archived at the FSD through several popular research themes.

Well-being and social relationships, local government, elections , poverty, health, and many other interesting themes have their own page.

The purpose of the pages is to help students, researchers, and teachers find the datasets they are looking for quickly and easily.

Each theme page is updated with the most recently published datasets dealing with the subject. Furthermore, FSD personnel have handpicked some interesting data series and individual datasets on each theme.

More information:

Data by Theme pages

Ron Dekker started as the director of CESSDA in March

The new director of the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) started in March. Ron Dekker was appointed to the position last November.

Dekker has a background as an economist, and his previous position was as the Seconded National Expert on Open Science at the European Commission, Directorate-General Research & Innovation.

–The field of research is undergoing major transformations. We are entering the era of open science, and CESSDA needs to be at the forefront of this change, Dekker says in an article published by CESSDA.

Finland is a member of CESSDA, and the FSD is a national service provider for CESSDA.

More information:

News article on CESSDA web site

UK Data Service published a theme page about economics

UK Data Service published a new theme page about economics at the end of January. The page includes datasets about taxation, expenditure, international trade, and productivity.

Large datasets such as British Social Attitudes Survey and Living Costs and Food Survey, measuring the respondent’s attitudes on expenditure and taxation, are featured on the page.

UK Data Service maintains other theme pages as well. The themes include aging, crime, education, environment, nutrition, and health, among others.

More information:

UK Data Service Economics Theme Page

LIS membership fee shared by Kela and University of Turku in 2017

Finland's LIS membership fee of 2017 will be shared by KELA (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) research centre and the Turku Centre for Welfare Research at the University of Turku. Negotiations on future membership fees are underway.

LIS membership fee was paid by the FSD for 16 years, until the end of 2016. From January 2017 onwards, the fee is 30,000 euros per year.

LIS is an international data centre which maintains two databases: Luxembourg Income Study and Luxembourg Wealth Study Database. The database contains harmonised micro-level data from countries with high and average income levels from different parts of the world. Use of the data is free of charge for researchers from member countries and all students.

More information:

LIS web page

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