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Kansallinen Kokoomus

A better Europe is born from actions alone

  • Puolue: Kansallinen Kokoomus
  • Otsikko: A better Europe is born from actions alone
  • Vuosi: 2014
  • Ohjelmatyyppi: vaaliohjelma




What if we choose to believe in the future and a better Europe?

Europe is not yet ready. Only by acting on its behalf can it be made to truly work. Finland has its place and its future in Europe – but what we should really be discussing is Europe’s place in the world. Is the sun setting on Europe, or is it a continent that draws on its traditions and strengths, boldly renewing itself and believing in its own shared future?

How well Europe succeeds is directly linked to Finland’s success.Both Finland and Europe have unique strengths. We are educated and entrepreneurial people. We also have many of the world’s best companies and most valued brands. In Europe, even the weakest are cared for.

Together, we can make a greater impact, but this requires action, as well as quitting the complaining.

To create a better Europe we need people who know what they’re doing and are committed to promoting Finland’s interests. You’ll find them amongst the Kokoomus candidates.

A better Europe is born through HARD WORK.

Europe’s wealth is built on work and effort, both now and in the future. Jobs and investments are born from renewal and seizing new opportunities – not through clinging on to past successes.

Europe’s internal market offers consumers wider selections and better prices. With its population of 500 million Europeans, it is also a large market for Finnish business owners. The functionality of the internal market should be further improved. The biggest opportunities rest in the digital internal market.

When freeing up the mobility of people, goods, services and capital in Europe, we must take care of things like environmental and consumer protection. In the legal jungle that these and many other issues create, one good European directive is frequently better than 28 individual national laws or standards.

Excessive legislation must not stall the economy by making things hard for business owners. The legislation should be rationalised and simplified. Existent legislation must also be thoroughly reviewed. New legislation should enable economic growth and more jobs. European business owners should not be buried by an avalanche of directives. They must be given free hands to do business, to grow and to employ others.

European industry fights climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions will grow immensely if jobs as a whole and production are transferred outside Europe. Finland and Europe have a lot to offer in the cleantech market – but this requires that we eliminate barriers to entry and a functioning internal market.

A better Europe is born FROM FREEDOM.

Renewal requires societies that have trust and confidence, as well as competitive national economies. What is most important, however, is people’s freedom to do things and to do business. Democracy and an open society are the supporting pillars of Europe. Decision-making and the preparation of EU legislation should be transparent.

Security creates trust. We need tighter cooperation to fight international crime and to control Europe’s external borders. We have to respond rapidly and effectively to crises outside Europe – before we face their consequences in our own everyday lives.

A better Europe is born WITH THE BEST ACHIEVERS.

[Candidate slate removed]

A better Europe is born BY KEEPING PROMISES.

The European Union can only govern matters that have been mutually agreed in its treaties.

Europe’s purpose is not to share responsibility for tax, debt or budgets. Europe is only as strong as its weakest link. Each member state has to keep its own house in order.

No member state can be more equal than another. Agreed rules must be followed.

Kokoomus wants Europe to be strong wherever we can achieve more together than on our own. In addition to the internal market, this encompasses the safety and security of all Europeans, as well as environmentally smart energy and climate policies.

In the 21st century world, even the largest European countries are small. We have to stick together to efficiently promote our values and interests in free trade and foreign policy. An integrated Europe offers the best security for Finland.

A better Europe is born BY SOLVING PROBLEMS.

Europe’s purpose is to resolve problems, to search for solutions and to create jobs and wealth for all Europeans. This is where it can truly show its strength. Our voices are heard when we present our opinions in a constructive and convincing way.

Authority is won through work and persistence – not through bickering and undermining others. We are committed to finding solutions that benefit both Finland and Europe as a whole.

In a world without borders, isolation is not a solution – and not even a possibility.

A better Europe is born THROUGH A LOVE OF PEACE.

Historically, the unification of Europe has been guided by the question of how to deal with war and peace. Europe still shares the responsibility for promoting peace and stability.

The European Union is not a military alliance – and nor should it be made into one. The EU is a security community with shared values, creating stability within its community and promoting the safety and security of its member states. For economic reasons, we need to extend our cooperation in acquiring defence materiel. The EU should also act in a more integrated and efficient manner in its immediate vicinity.

Two decades ago, many Finns were influenced by security policies when opting for EU membership. Security still remains an important factor. By working together with other EU member states, Finland can make a stronger impact.