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Kansallinen Kokoomus

Program of principles

  • Puolue: Kansallinen Kokoomus
  • Otsikko: Program of principles
  • Vuosi: 2006
  • Ohjelmatyyppi: yleisohjelma

Program of principles

The National Coalition Party's Programme of Principles is divided into three chapters. The first chapter describes the National Coalition Party and its principles and policies. The second chapter deals with the National Coalition Party's values and how these are translated into policies. The third chapter describes how the party is working to put value-based policies into practice. This programme will be implemented by taking it into account in all the party's programme work, election programmes, strategy work and practical politics.

Chapter 1. The National Coalition Party

- Developing the individual's strengths and circumstances builds and renews society as a whole

Chapter 2. The National Coalition Party's values

- The National Coalition Party has a value-based way of examining social issues

Chapter 3. Acting on our values

- Putting value-based policies into practice

1. Developing the individual's strengths and circumstances builds and renews society as a whole

The National Coalition Party

The National Coalition Party is a centre-right people's party. Its mission is to improve every person's position and welfare and to develop society according to this Programme of Principles. On the basis of the same principles the National Coalition Party works to influence people's immediate communities as well as development on a broader scale and globally.

Objectives of the National Coalition Party's policies

The National Coalition Party's objective is a society of individuals who bear responsibility for their own and others' lives so that everyone has the preconditions for a good life. The National Coalition Party is a responsible renewer that trusts in humanity. Human freedom and responsibility for actions are important for the National Coalition Party. Equality of opportunities ensures everyone the possibility to develop and succeed. Taking care of weaker individuals and the responsibility of the family and the immediate community are emphasized in the National Coalition Party's ideals.

Our objective is to preserve and support our national heritage, Finland's languages and cultures, to take care of our entire nation's level of skills and education and to promote work and entrepreneurship. The National Coalition Party is a party of the future and wants to use the possibilities of science, art and technology to develop our country. In international forums the National Coalition Party's basic objectives are to protect national independence, develop European cooperation and strengthen Finland's influence and position in the world. The National Coalition Party is active and takes the initiative in matters regarding the European Union. The objective is to bear responsibility for other people and the environment globally.

Prosperity depends on work, entrepreneurship and caring. A healthy national economy can produce enough to go around for those things that have been decided together and resources to develop a better society. The National Coalition Party promotes people's, businesses' and society's responsibility and a respectful attitude towards nature and the environment. The environment must be left for future generations in better condition than it now is.

The National Coalition Party's ideals

The National Coalition Party's ideals combine freedom, responsibility and democracy, equality of opportunities, education, supportiveness, tolerance and caring. Striving for balance between freedom and responsibility and emphasizing the individual and entrepreneurship are key. The National Coalition Party supports the development of democracy and citizens' genuine participation in social decision-making.

The National Coalition Party is an active and open reformer. The National Coalition Party emphasizes the significance of individuals' conscience and pluralism in value issues. Individuals' freedom to think and act independently and minorities' rights are core matters. The National Coalition Party believes in equality of opportunities and freedom of choice. Individuals make decisions and choices in society. The National Coalition Party is ready to take the initiative and boldly build the future and seek solutions to social problems. The National Coalition Party has confidence in people's ability to learn from their mistakes.

We want to improve people's living conditions and create for the entire nation the proper conditions for a good life and the opportunity to develop oneself. Special attention must be given to those who need care. The objective is to promote cultural efforts and the implementation of basic security and care.

We want to preserve the valuable mental, spiritual and material capital that previous generations have left for us. This also means taking care of unspoken or unwritten knowledge, traditions and expertise and passing them on to future generations. Christian ethics and values are an important part of this Finnish cultural heritage. The National Coalition Party's ideals are determined by emphasis on the responsibility of the immediate community, supporting people's ethical values and discussion, and patriotism combined with active internationalization and a sense of global responsibility.

Ideological basis

The principles and programmes associated with the birth of the National Coalition Party were based on the Finnish movement, which called for cultural and national independence, and social reformism, which called for social and cultural improvements. Defending national unity and traditional values and working for social reforms were characteristic of the early National Coalition Party.

The National Coalition Party was established in December 1918. Protecting Finland's newly won independence and reuniting the nation were key objectives in the early stage. This period was a time of many reforms. After the Second World War the party's possibilities were limited by its opposition status at the national level. Even in this position the National Coalition Party emphasized its desire to develop the nation and carry out constructive reforms. With discussion and competition between conservative and liberal ideals, the value of ideals related to freedom rose especially in the last decades of the 20th century. At the end of the last millennium and now in the new millennium the National Coalition Party's ideals have been characterized by the concepts of responsible individualism and the moderate right.

In Finland and the world, during recent decades efforts have been made to achieve large changes and development, which in many respects have signified the success of the values of freedom and responsibility.

Many of the principles and issues that the National Coalition Party has worked for have been achieved over the decades. This includes emphasizing broad education, improving the conditions of workers and farmers, strengthening people's faith in the future, adopting a multi-party system and participating in European integration. The market economy has gained broad approval by proving its effectiveness in making prosperity possible. Development has not been all in one direction, however, and it has not signified the end of ideological or political challenges. It has brought responsibility to defend good achievements and the obligation to see and open new opportunities.

2. The National Coalition Party's values

"Democracy is a means to achieve shared freedom and responsibility"


Only a free person has the possibility to develop fully

The significance of freedom is irreplaceable. People who are free can grow and develop and form their own picture of themselves and their environment. Free cultural and economic activity creates the basis of prosperity. People must be able to fulfil and express themselves freely while respecting other people and nature.

Responsibility belongs to everyone

Freedom is responsible and social. People who are free and independent can bear responsibility for their actions, their neighbours and society. Society is built and develops through the taking of personal responsibility, supported by community responsibility. We are aware of our responsibility for other people and nature.

Active participation strengthens democracy

A good society is based on citizens' equal possibilities to participate in taking care of and deciding on common matters. A democratic system depends on free participation, broad possibilities to influence matters and people's own activity. The objective is to hear citizens and engage in broad interaction. A strong civil society is a precondition and safeguard of democracy and participation. The state should be open to change, criticism and development. Effective democracy strengthens a society's security.

"Equal preconditions for life give individuals a genuine possibility to choose"


Everyone has the right to develop according to their own starting points as they wish

Society should guarantee citizens equal starting points and basic preconditions for life. Everyone should have opportunities and skills for their own growth towards personal goals and objectives. Key preconditions are equal opportunities for education and the fulfilment of life's basic social preconditions. These are also basic things that people need to develop their community and evaluate decision-making. People have the right to fulfil themselves. The National Coalition Party encourages people to develop themselves and their thinking.

All skills are valuable. Everyone has their own strengths and the right to seek to experience success. Our objective is for people to be encouraged to find and develop their own strengths and creativity. In all areas of skills it is necessary to support the weakest individuals' possibilities to succeed and ensure the development of talents so that everyone can use their creativity and skills to the full.

Equality of opportunities is the basis of prosperity

People's genuine possibilities to choose increase commitment and the bearing of responsibility. In a welfare society citizens do not need to fear for their basic security. The precondition is that the basic structures of society, the economy and safety nets are in order. Every person is equally valuable.

Equality the objective

Our objective is equality among people. Equality among men and women, different generations and minorities should be ensured in services, working life, administration and immediate communities. The principles of equality should also be passed on to the following generations.

Implementing human rights around the world is the precondition for a worthwhile life and development.

"We need heads, hands and hearts"


The power of education and culture

We value and work for education of the heart and mind. Education is a value in itself. Education of the heart includes the ability to separate the essential from the non-essential, knowledge of life and the ability to put oneself in another's shoes. Preserving knowledge and education and seeking new knowledge are key values for the National Coalition Party. People's own ethical discussion is the basis of civilization.

The Finnish heritage should be preserved and developed and is the basis for new traditions. It is important for people and society to know their roots and values. Strong cultural capital is a source of inspiration. At best everyone can experience the link between culture and creativity in their lives. Rich, diversified and distinctive art and cultural life strengthen and develop all of society.


Finland should be developed as a society of people with many skills. Skills are our most important national resource. Different skills should be appreciated because one-sided skills are not enough to develop society in a balanced way. Internationalism and rapidly changing knowledge challenge us to update and develop our skills. We support lifelong learning and creativity.

Finns' skills and education still need to be improved. The objective is education that ensures individual, high-quality and people-centred learning throughout life. Education should be developed independent of pupils' and their parents' wealth. Finnish research and development should be at the forefront internationally.

Information society of opportunities

In the information society skill in processing and handling information is a key factor for competitiveness. Information society services are a citizen's right. As communications develop it is important to foster critical thought and the evaluation of the reliability of information.

"Using personal strengths builds and renews society as a whole"


Work and entrepreneurship should be rewarded

It is only fair that work, entrepreneurship, study and work in the home should be rewarded and that these should be supported financially and spiritually. Taxation must provide incentives for work and entrepreneurship. Everyone has the right to security in case of unemployment or illness as well as an adequate income after working life.

All work is valuable

Employees and entrepreneurs create shared prosperity. This also applies to students, people who work in the home and those who have already done their work. Work is important for both the individual and society. By working people should be able to get along financially. The significance of creativity and innovations is important in all work. People should be encouraged to gain new skills in all fields and all work tasks. Improving employment requires responsible and long-term efforts. The preconditions for entrepreneurship should be improved and entrepreneurs' risk-taking should be meaningful. The preconditions for farmers' work should be ensured and it is important to make sure that agriculture develops as a vital industry in the future as well.

The economy must work on people's and nature's terms

A market economy based on private ownership is the best way to produce the preconditions for prosperity. A market economy in itself does not have values but characteristics. The market mechanism alone cannot distribute prosperity fairly. By making value choices society must determine the minimum level of income. Responsible social policy should be implemented by favouring tax solutions that are environmentally sustainable. We support a market economy that works on people's and nature's terms.

"The basis of tolerance is equality among people"


Tolerance and equality

Every person should be respected and valued as an individual. It is important to be tolerant of different opinions and customs. Tolerance means above all that we recognize other people's universal human rights and constitutional freedoms. Showing tolerance does not mean condoning social injustice.


The point of departure in pluralism is knowing one's own values and respecting other people's values. Pluralism is respecting people's right to be different. Pluralism increases creativity.

Cultural diversity

We want to promote interaction among cultures and oppose discrimination and racism in all forms. Achieving genuine cultural diversity requires tolerance of all parties. Cultural diversity is something that enriches and helps develop a society. Knowing and understanding Finnish and European culture and the Christian tradition open an opportunity for genuine interaction in our country.

"A good society takes care of its weakest members"


Responsibility for our neighbour

Living in society is only sustainable if we care for and feel responsibility for our neighbour. Caring cannot be outsourced. Everyone should bear personal responsibility for this at the individual level. Helping our neighbour is everyone's duty. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Shared responsibility

Society should be developed according to sustainable social principles. The immediate community's possibility to implement shared responsibility should be supported. A good society takes care of weaker members and those who need help. Everyone has the right to a basic livelihood and security, education, health care and housing. The National Coalition Party's objective is to reduce and prevent poverty and exclusion.

No one should be left alone. The elderly should be respected and treated in an equal, fair and humanly dignified manner. Improving the wellbeing of children and young people is both our duty and the safeguard of our future.

Responsibility for the environment and nature

The future of humanity and the environment are tied to one another. This must be taken into account in all our activities and in using natural resources. We must be aware of our responsibility for protecting the environment.

Environmental protection depends on individuals' attitudes and choices as well as behaviour and consumption habits that are based on them. Society must make sure that the environment is protected by steering consumption and the use of natural resources in a sustainable direction. Disturbing the balance of nature is a threat to all of us.

3. Acting on our values

The purpose of political activity is to build the future and correct social problems. The principles in this programme provide values, quality and evaluation criteria and the right attitude for development work. To ensure the link between principles and practice, values and criteria must be open and ways of acting and results must be comparable. Principles are an integral part of practical politics.


Our starting point is a free, responsible and caring person. Society must be built to work for the individual. In addition to fundamental rights and a basic livelihood, people must be ensured the possibility to develop themselves. Everyone has the right to work and in this way improve their own and society's prosperity.

Humans are by nature social and their possibility to maintain social relations should be supported. Loneliness is a concern for the whole community. Everyone has the right to feel secure. Alongside rights people have responsibilities. This especially concerns respecting other people and nature. Every person should bear responsibility for themselves and for their immediate community, according to their possibilities. Taking care of relatives and members of the immediate community builds a spirit of caring.

The family and the immediate community

Families must have the preconditions to make responsible choices that concern their own lives. We value multifold family life, the family and parenthood. Society should arrange services taking into consideration the needs of different families. Parents' possibilities to combine family life, studies and work should be promoted. Children have the right to live in a safe environment. Our objective is to increase the security felt by all family members.

Non-governmental organizations' possibilities to share responsibility for people's daily welfare should be increased. Caring for the people around us increases individuals' security and feeling of security. With the increase in the number of elderly people and people living alone, it is important that the special features of these homes be taken into account in developing society.

Local authorities

Broad local self-government is a cornerstone of Finnish society. In public administration decision-making should be as close as possible to citizens and the matters being discussed. Local authorities' ability to change, reform services and seek new solutions is indispensable as the population structure changes.

Regional and structural policy measures should be used to promote rural areas' and cities' interaction, prosperity and profitable business activities, in order to ensure resources for prosperity in all parts of the country. Growth centres, smaller cities and the countryside require different development measures and policies in order to develop according to their strengths.

We want to develop local authorities so that they are strong, efficient and dynamic. Attention must be paid to the preconditions for self-government, taxation and the arranging of tasks at the local level. Local authorities must have sufficient resources to ensure residents' basic rights and possibilities to participate and influence matters. Local authorities are responsible for arranging services by themselves or in cooperation with other local authorities, the private sector and the third sector so that they are comprehensive, high-quality, efficiently produced and available within a reasonable distance according to the nature of the service. Residents' possibilities to choose services and service providers should be improved. In addition to basic services local authorities are responsible for helping take care of the pleasantness, healthiness and security of housing and the environment and for developing industries and their preconditions.

By strengthening local authorities' educational and cultural activities we can promote Finland's future through skills and creativity. The public sector must be a responsible employer. Local authorities must operate in a way that supports equality, pluralism and cultural diversity.


We want to develop Finland as a free European democracy where human rights and the rule of law are implemented. Public administration must be reliable, open, equal and incorruptible. National resources should be strongly focused on education, research, product development, technological development and other activities on the basis of which we can plan the future. In the midst of rapid changes we must work systematically to ensure the future and the development of society.

It is important to anticipate and prepare for the ageing of the population and changes in the dependency ratio. Finnish services must be developed according to the changing population structure. We must particularly prepare to meet ageing Finns' needs for health and care services. At the same time child-friendly policies and a systematic immigration policy should be promoted.

National security requires constant and up-to-date measures. Security depends on day-to-day security. A climate of trust, caring and a properly functioning society are the basis of citizens' security. Key factors for internal security are also adequate energy and food self-sufficiency. Information systems and communications are important for security. National defence must be constantly developed by broadly evaluating Finland's interests. Modern, multifaceted and efficient defence forces are a national resource even in peacetime.

Finland must be developed in a tolerant atmosphere in which we also feel responsibility for people outside our own country. Finnish refugee and aliens policy must be humane and planned. Finland should be an active participant in development cooperation. Finland should support activities according to the principles of sustainable development.

The European Union

The European Union has significantly increased Europeans' security and prosperity. Our objective is to strengthen and reform the Union so that it can meet the challenges of the future. Finland must be a strong and proactive actor in developing the European Union.

We want to increase democracy and openness in the Union's decision-making and activities. The Union should only act in those areas in which European cooperation is more effective than national action.

The European Union's key objectives should be to increase European work, prosperity and competitiveness. The European Union should preserve European cultural resources and support the creation of new ones. Developing and complying with Community environmental legislation all over the European Union is indispensable for our future. The European Union must also be aware of its responsibility for people, human rights, human suffering and the environment outside Europe.

The European Union's role as an international actor must be strengthened and the Union's common foreign and security policy must be made a reality. Membership of the Union is a possibility for all European states that share common values and meet the criteria for membership. The Union should strengthen cooperation with European states that do not wish or are not able to become members of the European Union.

To achieve these objectives and to build a better and more competitive Europe the National Coalition Party is an active member of the European People's Party.

The world

We support fairness, the implementation of human rights and freedom, and promoting democracy and the market economy around the world. Global issues must be dealt with together following clear rules.

We are concerned about the state of the environment, climate change, clean air, clean water and the adequate supply of food. Poverty and population growth are questions to which answers must be found. We believe in the influence and power of education. We cannot shut our eyes to people's suffering but must be able to help according to our best ability. Respecting biodiversity and actively protecting endangered species are basic objectives of environmental protection. Attention should also be paid to the treatment of animals.

World peace must be built actively. We can work to achieve our objectives on the national level, in the European Union, through our fraternal parties abroad, in the United Nations and in other international organizations.