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Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue

Resolution on international policies

  • Puolue: Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue
  • Otsikko: Resolution on international policies
  • Vuosi: 1999
  • Ohjelmatyyppi: muu ohjelma

The Finnish Social Democratic Party

XXXVIII Party Congress
May 26-30,1999, Turku


Approved on May 30, 1999

Unauthorized translation

Peace to Kosovo

The Finnish Social Democratic Party condemns the violations against human rights in Kosovo. The Albanian population that has lived in Kosovo for hundreds of years has been expelled from their homes by violence. In order to execute deportations Yugoslavian authorities and semi-military forces on their responsibility have committed grave war crimes and crimes against humanity. These viola-tions to human rights have caused a worst refugee problem in Europe for half a century and have shaken stability in the Balkans and indirectly in whole Europe.

Social democrats demand that return to home of Kosovo's inhabitants be secured and self-govern-ment of the region and people be accomplished. People belonging to all ethnic and religious groups must have the right to live peacefully in their native place. In order to secure this right Yugoslavia must withdraw all her troops from Kosovo. A strong international peace-keeping force shall be given a task of disarming the semi-military groups in the area and guaranteeing people's security. All the war crimes and violations against human rights must be solved up and offenders be made to answer for their deeds in the Hague International Criminal Court.

Finland, European Union and the whole international community must participate in maintaining peace and stability in Kosovo and whole Balkans. European Union must bear main responsibility for Kosovo's reconstruction and economic support to the neighbouring countries that have accepted refugees. EU, together with Council of Europe and OSCE must take care that basic structures of civil administration in Kosovo work and free elections will be arranged.

The international community must answer for the urgent problems caused by the humanitarian crisis in the region. Finland and other countries that can receive refugees must arrange temporary settling of refugees in most difficult situation. The situation of refugees in neighbouring countries must be immediately improved and their security must be seen to.

In order to promote stability and security in South-Eastern Europe a long-range stabilization project must get started under the leadership of EU and in cooperation with, among others, OSCE. Stabili-zation must emphasize strengthening of democracy, human rights and rule of law, support econ-omic and social development, regional cooperation and bring EU and states in region closer to each other.

An international study on crisis management, including peace-enforcement, must be done in order to clarify how it can be developed so that it would produce the aspired result and open up the way for preserving peace in each case.

The Finnish Social Democratic Party supports the efforts of the President of the Republic, Martti Ahtisaari, to achieve agreement in the Kosovo crisis.

Changing European security policy

The new charter of European Union, the Treaty of Amsterdam, increases tasks of Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Non-aligned Finland must participate in the building of new European security structure and in real-ization of the tasks it requests. Finland must have sufficient readiness for peace-keeping and humani-tarian operations by order of UN, OSCE. Finland must participate actively in EU's crisis management and cooperation in partnership for peace with NATO.

Social democratic view on foreign and security policy is based on a broad concept of security: prevention of crises, respect for human rights, development of democracy and balanced social progress. Efficient acting and mutual cooperation with UN, Council of Europe, OSCE and other international organizations is ever more important with respect to attainment of these objectives.

Work and welfare with European cooperation

With cooperation Member States have achieved a lot in securing conditions for employment and welfare. EU has functioning single market and common currency.

Member States must condense their cooperation in economic, taxation and employment policies in order to secure sustainable growth and to create new jobs in EMU circumstances. A European em-ployment pact which emphasizes reconciliation of economic and employment policy line with struc-tural reforms is a step to this direction. Raise of employment rate is a common objective in the Euro-pean Union. During her presidency Finland must promote implementation of employment pact and dialogue between labour market parties and actors in economic policy.

An agreement to reject detrimental tax competition which distorts single market and reduces tax base of welfare state and to harmonize taxation of interest and dividend income must be reached within the Union. It must approve a minimum level to energy taxation.

European Union must promote favourable development of world economy by working for large negotiations within WTO in 2000. While principles of free trade are followed and developing coun-ties' acce-ss to market is improved, the international system must be developed so that the rights of employees and protection of environment are improved and effective actions against the disadvan-tages of child labour can be taken.

Social democrats give their support the objectives of Tampere Summit Meeting to develop the Union as a region of liberty, security and justice. Immigration and asylum policy that is efficient and respects human rights is needed to complement the region of free movement. Cross-border crime must be combatted by improving cooperation between police and judiciary. Union citizens must get efficient legal shelter everywhere; we need a European legal region.

The most important task of EU is to guarantee peace and enlargement to new countries in order to accomplish it. With the decisions European Council makes in Helsinki we must secure progress of enlargement so that the economic and social gulfs that split Europe can be filled in the beginning of the new millennium.

A successful implementation of enlargement requires reforms from applicant countries. Social policy and labour market must be reformed according to tripartite principle and principles in the European Social Charter. Also the present Member States need reforms. Reforms of institutions must be con-tinued and at the same time make decision on a large increase of qualified majority in Union decision-making. Reform of administration and work of every Union institution must be continued to improve transparency, responsibility and effectiveness.

It is important to vote in the European elections

Voting in the European elections is an important channel of influence with respect to the future of whole Europe.

By voting for social democrats Finns secure that questions that are important for SDP are put for-ward also in Europe.

By voting for social democrats we strengthen the line where objectives of equal division of welfare, joint responsibility and economic development that takes environment into account will strengthen in European Union also in the future.

By voting for social democrats Finns secure that just policy is pursued for the good of people both in Finland and in Europe.

Social justice and economic effectiveness are not contradictory. Labour market shall be made to function better by agreeing upon rules of game together with the labour market parties.

EU's objective must be full employment: Member States and all citizens shall be made to commit themselves to beating unemployment through a European employment pact.

Equality and human rights must be taken into consideration in all decision-making within EU.

EU was founded to secure peace and cooperation in Europe. Common Foreign and Security Policy strengthens the security of Europe and every Member State. It contributes to prevention of new crises.

SDP's European policy leads to continuity and security.