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Left Alliance's key themes in the municipal elections

  • Puolue: Vasemmistoliitto
  • Otsikko: Left Alliance's key themes in the municipal elections
  • Vuosi: 2012
  • Ohjelmatyyppi: vaaliohjelma

Left Alliance's key themes in the municipal elections

The municipality is us inhabitants

Municipalities are responsible for organizing basic services. The councillors' decisions have an effect on all lives. Well-functioning public transport, health services, the basic school and other services must support the smooth running of the everyday lives of the inhabitants. Municipal decisions must be made and carried out to serve all inhabitants in the municipality regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic background, citizenship, disability or life situation. It is the goal of the Left Alliance that all people are guaranteed access to the services without discrimination.

The Left Alliance demands free basic health care, humane social services, lower costs of living, improved employment and the provision of the services by the municipality itself. Every inhabitant must have the actual right to influence the development of his or her municipality in an equal and fair way. The mindless outsourcing of municipal services must be stopped and municipalities must be developed sustainably by listening to the inhabitants. When municipalities are joined together, those decisions too need to be done locally and democratically and so that accessible services are secured or improved. Local democracy must also be safeguarded.

The main campaign themes of the Left Alliance for the 2012 municipal elections


The active citizenship of the elderly must be supported. Everyone has the right to care and nursing when one's own strength starts to fail. There should be no queues to see the doctor and effective services must be provided at home. Everyone has the right to live in their own homes and to decide for themselves on the support they need. Family carers must be assisted by guaranteed days off and respite care for those they care for.


We are concerned for the quality of the services and support sports, culture and other activities. We will not forget the importance of child health clinics, club activities, youth work and social and mental health services that help in everyday life. Municipalities must guarantee affordable housing. Different-sized council housing must be an alternative to being enslaved to the banks. The needs of different families must be remembered in all decisions and the growing number of one-person households also needs special attention.


The Left Alliance acts to support daycare and a good-quality local school system. The municipalities must build a continuous educational path that begins with the subjective right to good daycare and goes on at least until the secondary level in upper secondary school or occupational schooling. Classes that are small enough and sufficient health, psychology and school counsellor services are an essential part of a safe school environment. Libraries, adult education and cultural services are also educational tasks the municipality is responsible for.


The Left Alliance demands more municipal resources for a nice and ecological living environment. We want to stop the social segregation of municipal or city neighbourhoods. Clean environment, good-quality construction and working public transport create well-being to all. It is municipal business to ensure the good quality and energy efficiency of construction. Local food should be staple diet in daycare centres, schools, nursing homes and hospitals. Municipalities must draft climate strategies and resort more and more to renewable energies. We campaign against ugliness and gloom.


The incorporation of municipal property and services has to stop and we must prevent the profit-seeking of multinational corporations from the inhabitants' basic needs. In the Left Alliance opinion municipal workers, fixed-term or outsourced service workers never have too many defenders. Every employee deserves a decent working community and a competent supervisor. We do not accept that working conditions and job security are dumped through outsourcing. The municipalities must promote equal wages to women and men.


The Left Alliance wants to root out isolation and indifference. Everyone must have the feeling that they can influence their own lives. The society must support this on the municipal level by offering the inhabitants more channels for voicing opinions also between the elections. This will be especially important in those municipalities that will be joined together. People must have the opportunity to influence things in their immediate surroundings. We want more support to the activities of inhabitant communities, hobbies and organizational activities in every Finnish municipality. Culture and art are basic human rights regardless of age, social standing or the place of residence.