Editorial 1/2012

New Website Launched

Helena Laaksonen Tuomas J. Alaterä

The archive's redesigned website went live in March 2012, providing a new visual identity. The site now reflects the visual identity used in our printed material since last August.

But the renewal did not focus solely on modernizing look and feel. We firmly believe that the new interface is more user-friendly and provides improved access to our data and services. Our web services have a central role when researchers, teachers and students wish to explore research data. The site also provides guidance and best practice information on data management, covering the whole lifecycle of data.

Website content did not change that much whereas the site structure underwent a greater upheaval. This means that some of the URLs changed, most notably the URL of the data catalogue.

The new logo and visual identity were designed by Redflow Inc. while the inhouse web team was responsible for the changes in structure and content.

Helena Laaksonen
Information Officer

Tuomas J. Alaterä
Senior Systems Analyst