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» Data for Research Project Launched in Finland
» CESSDA Expert Seminar on Question Banks
» Website of the DASISH Project
» Archive Network Established for NDL

Data for Research Project Launched in Finland

The Data for Research project 2011-2013 [in Finnish: Tutkimuksen tietoaineistot, TTA] aims to improve the potential for using electronic research data in Finland. In February 2012, the Ministry of Education and Culture appointed a cross-sector steering group for the project. The group will define research data infrastructure, improve the usability and availability of data and define what administrative and legislative structures will be needed. Mari Kleemola from FSD participates in the steering group while other FSD staff members participate in other groups functioning under the project.

The project will provide best practice guidelines for producing, maintaining and documenting research data. Another goal is to provide a long-term federated storage solution in collaboration with the National Digital Library.

More information:
» Coordination group appointed

CESSDA Expert Seminar on Question Banks

The year 2011 CESSDA Expert seminar, held in Lausanne, Switzerland, focused on question data banks. The participants discussed whether it would be possible to have a greater integration and coordination of such services and tools. Taina Jääskeläinen, Matti Heinonen and Jani Hautamäki from FSD attended.

More information (including a meeting report):
» CESSDA Expert Seminar

Website of the DASISH Project

The Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities (DASISH) project was launched in January 2012, with an opening meeting held in Gothenburg, Sweden. DASISH aims to determine areas of possible synergies in the development of the following ESFRI research structure initiatives: CLARIN; DARIAH, CESSDA, ESS and SHARE. Some concrete joint activities are also on the agenda. The project website in now up and running.

More information:
» DASISH website

Archive Network Established for NDL

The archives participating in the National Digital Library (NDL) project in Finland have established a cooperation network, led by the National Archives. The goal is to promote interaction, collaboration and partnerships, improve information exchange as well as promote the archival point of view within the NDL project. FSD participates in the network and has a representative in the steering group. At present, the network has nine members.