ISSP 2014 Annual Meeting - Venue and Hotel Information


Hotel Cumulus Pinja

  • Olympia Hall is the main venue for ISSP 2014 meetings.
  • Three smaller meeting rooms have been reserved for Sunday, two for the other meeting days.
  • Lunches, coffee and other refreshments are served in Hotel Pinja during the meeting days.


Please note that all hotel bookings are made on the Meeting Registration Form. Reservations have been made at the following two hotels:

Hotel Cumulus Pinja

Cumulus Pinja is an Art Nouveau style hotel right in the heart of Tampere, popular as a venue for parties and conferences. Hotel Pinja is the venue for the ISSP 2014 meeting.
Price (incl. tax) per night including breakfast and wifi:

Pinja promo image Fri 23.5. single 90€, double 110€
Sat 24.5. single 90€, double 110€
Sun 25.5. single 131,90€, double 151,90€ *
Mon 26.5. single 137,90€, double 157,90€ **
Tue 27.5. single 137,90€, double 157,90€ **
Wed 28.5. single 131,90€, double 151,90€ *

Hotel Cumulus Pinja website

Hotel Cumulus Koskikatu

Cumulus Koskikatu, just off the main street Hämeenkatu, is a modern and popular hotel for visitors to Tampere. Only a 5 minute walk to the meeting venue (400 metres).
Price (incl. tax) per night including breakfast and wifi:

Koskikatu promo image Fri 23.5. single 95€, double 115€
Sat 24.5. single 95€, double 115€
Sun 25.5. single 136,90€, double 156,90€ *
Mon 26.5. single 142,90€, double 162,90€ **
Tue 27.5. single 142,90€, double 162,90€ **
Wed 28.5. single 136,90€, double 156,90€ *

Hotel Cumulus Koskikatu website

* including lunch, and coffee and other freshments for morning or afternoon meeting in Hotel Pinja
** including lunch, and coffees and other freshments for a whole day meeting in Hotel Pinja

If desired, companion's lunch at Hotel Pinja can be booked in the Registration Form. Sun–Wed 20€/day.

updated 2014-02-12