ISSP 2014 Annual Meeting - Programme

Seminar venue Hotel Cumulus Pinja.

Saturday, May 24

14:00–22:00 Sight-seeing tour of Tampere followed by lakeside evening at Hangaslahti

Sight-seeing tour 14-15:30

Tampere is situated between two expansive lakes. Interestingly, it is this geographic fact that made the town a center of industry, aided by the efforts of a Scot called James Finlayson. After the sight-seeing tour, you will also know why the town used to be called the 'red' Tampere.

Lakeside evening at Hangaslahti 16:00–22:00

Here you have an opportunity to experience the traditional Finnish pastime of going to the wood-heated sauna, taking a dip in the refreshingly cold lake, and eating grilled sausages - or alternatively just enjoy an evening by scenic lakeside. We will provide transportation, buffet food, beverages and towels. If the sauna sounds tempting, bring your swimsuit/trunks and toiletries.

All meetings from Sunday to Wednesday take place in Hotel Pinja. The Work Orientation 2015 Drafting Group will have their meetings in Meeting room Tammikabinetti Sun-Wed, in addition the Meeting room Koivu is available Mon-Wed for other meetings.

Sunday, May 25

9:00–11:00 Meeting of the Work Orientation 2015 Drafting Group (Meeting room Tammikabinetti)

9:00–11:00 Meeting of the Role of Government 2016 Drafting Group (Meeting room Koivu)

10:00–11:30 Meeting of the Methdology Committee (Meeting room Mänty)

10:00–11:00 Meeting of the Methods group: Weighting (Olympia Hall)

11:00–12:30 Meeting of the Methods group: Demography (Meeting room Tammikabinetti)

11:00–12:00 Meeting of the Methods group: Modes (Meeting room Koivu)

11:30–12:30 Meeting of the Methods group: Translation (Meeting Room Mänty)

12:30–13:30 Lunch

13:30–15:00 Research session: 10 papers (Olympia Hall)

15:00–15:15 Break

15:15–17:00 Research session continued (Olympia Hall)

17:00–17:15 Coffee break

17:15–18:15 Introduction to questionnaire design and translation management tools and question bank, developed in the DASISH project (Olympia Hall)

18:15–19:15 Meeting of the Standing Committee (Meeting room Koivu)

Monday, May 26

9:00–12:00 ISSP meeting (Pinja, Olympia Hall), coffee break at 10:30

12:00 Lunch

13:00–17:00 ISSP meeting, coffe break at 15:00

19:00–  Dinner at Plevna restaurant (Plevna)

We will have dinner at the relaxed-style restaurant Plevna in the Finlayson area of the city centre. The building has a history, being the fourth in Europe to be equipped in incandescent lightning in 1882. It's a ten-minute walk from Hotel Pinja to the restaurant.

Tuesday, May 27

9:00–12:00 ISSP meeting (Pinja, Olympia Hall), coffee break at 10:30

12:00 Lunch

13:00–17:00 ISSP meeting, coffe break at 15:00

19–21 Coctail Party (Vapriikki)

The City of Tampere organizes a cocktail party for the ISSP 2014 participants, held in the Museum Centre Vapriikki by the Tammerkoski rapids. Vapriikki is also located in the city centre and can be reached in 10 minutes from Hotel Pinja.

Wednesday, May 28

9:00–12:00 ISSP meeting (Pinja, Olympia Hall), coffee break at 10:30

12:00–13:00 End of the Seminar Lunch (Pinja)


Please contact us if you have any problems or questions during the meeting.
Kristiina Tuokko (practical issues and paper copies of documents) mobile: 050 345 1051, email: kristiina.tuokko at
Taina Jääskeläinen (member of organising committee attending the meeting) mobile: 040 147 5080
Harri Melin mobile: 050 420 1526.

Meeting registration is now closed.

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