A closer look at FSD services

FSD’s basic operations include archiving and dissemination of research data for reuse, but we also offer several other types of services for researchers, students and everyone else interested in issues regarding research data.

  • Aila
    Aila Data Service

    The Aila Data Service provides access to data archived at FSD, in accordance with the conditions set for each dataset. On Aila, there are nearly 1,300 datasets, roughly 200 of which are qualitative. Registered Aila users include students, teachers and researchers from all Finnish universities and polytechnics.

  • Data Management Guidelines
    Data Management Guidelines

    The online guidelines written by FSD’s experts contain practical instructions on managing digital research data in all stages of the data lifecycle. In the guidelines you will find, among others, detailed advice on preparing a data management plan.

  • Information service
    Information service

    Our user services will be glad to help you with any questions relating to research data. Need help with planning data collection, managing your data or long-term preservation? Cannot find suitable data for your research? Contact us and we will help.

  • Penna

    Penna is a data collection tool created to facilitate collection and streamlined archiving of qualitative textual data. It handles the technical implementation of data collection as well as the participants’ archiving permissions. Penna’s user interface is available only in Finnish, but data collection is possible in English as well.

  • Pohtiva

    Pohtiva is the Finnish Party Agenda Database containing current and past agendas of Finnish political parties as well as other significant political documents. Pohtiva is only available in Finnish.

  • MOTV
    MOTV - Research Methods Web Resource

    Research methods web resource (MOTV in Finnish) is an environment for teaching and learning quantitative and qualitative research methods of the social and behavioural sciences. FSD is in charge of planning, maintaining and developing the project. QuantiMOTV is a web resource for quantitative and QualiMOTV for qualitative methods. MOTV is only available in Finnish.

  • Services of CESSDA
    Services of CESSDA

    CESSDA is a pan-European research infrastructure consisting of data archives across Europe. CESSDA provides training and data services free of charge. Finland is a member of and FSD is a national service provider for CESSDA. The CESSDA Data Catalogue contains metadata of all data in the holdings of CESSDA’s service providers.

  • FNESdata

    The FNESdata Longitudinal Survey Metadata Portal allows users to examine the variables in the combined data of four Finnish National Election Studies (2013–2015). The portal has a basket where users can save the variables they need.

  • Archiving

    FSD is a reliable partner in sharing your digital research data and preserving them long term. We create a version of your data suitable for reuse, describe the data for you and make sure that the data can be easily found and reused according to the agreed conditions of use.