Downloading Questionnaires, Codebooks and Other Files

Questionnaires and codebooks are in PDF format, and you need to have a PDF reader on your computer to view them. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Opens in a new tab) is a commonly used program for opening PDF files. Some web browsers also support viewing PDF files, but they may have limited functionality for e.g. filling out forms.

PDF files usually open without issues on your web browser or PDF viewer. However, sometimes opening a PDF file fails. If you have issues with PDF files, we suggest that you download the PDF file onto your computer and try to open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The FSD web services also contain file types that require other software and are not supposed to open on a web browser (e.g. SPSS portable, Excel and CSV files). We suggest that you first save these files onto your computer and only after that try to open them with a suitable program.

If you want to save a file onto your computer

  1. click the link with the secondary mouse button,
  2. choose Save Target/Link As... in the context menu and
  3. save the file to your desired location.
  4. Now you can open the file with a program suitable for the file type.